Valentine’s Day in Puerto Vallarta

Luckily for many of us, just being in Puerto Vallarta says it all for Valentine’s Day!  But, if you really want to enjoy, relax and dazzle your friend, partner, husband or wife, please allow me to give  you a few tips or recommendations for this special day.

Hotel La Galerita

Two special getaway boutique hotels that I think are terrific are the Hotel La Galerita  and the Hacienda Matel  in nearby San Sebastian del Oeste.  Both are romantic spots where wonderful memories can be made.  San Sebastian is a very special place that I know you will enjoy and these two properties are both exceptional.  I strongly recommend reservations for each.


Puerto Vallarta has an incredible amount of fantastic restaurants and for lunch I love to recommend Ocean Grill,  located just south of Boca de Tomatlan.  The food, atmosphere and service is wonderful!

One of Vallarta’s  (and mine) all time favorites is Vitea, located on the Malecon, in front of the statue of San Pascual Bailon (the patron saint of kitchens and cooks). This memorable restaurantr is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, all delicious!

A fun beach front restaurant that has great food is Barracuda, located at the north end of the Malecon, at the foot of Calle San Salvador.

Best choice to me for a lovely dining experience is TRIO, located on Calle Guerrrero in El Centro.  Fantastic food, ambiance and service are what make this successful restaurant one to definitely not be missed.

Happy Valentines Day, 2013!


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