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May is a busy month in Puerto Vallarta, in spite of many snowbirds having left us to go north to tend gardens, measure grandchildren, mow lawns and visit friends and family. One of our longtime favorite events in Puerto Vallarta during this period is Restaurant Week, the longest week in town. It lasts this year from May 15 until June 10! We love it because it give us a chance to visit some of the best establishments from San Pancho all the way down the highway past Conchas Chinas. Prior to this year the week was extended to double itself but for 2018, there are so many participants, it was considered wise to stretch the calendar out. We’re excited and you should be, too!

Each restaurant in Puerto Vallarta who has chose to partake will be offering three choices with a fixed price. The categories will be $269, $399 and $466, which include appetizer, main course, and a dessert. This is approximately a 40% discount and does not include beverages or tip; a sensible option, since some of us don’t imbibe. Tipping, of course, is up to the individual diner but we always leave at least 20% unless there has been some glaring offense, and we never punish the server for some lapse in the kitchen. A few places are bringing in special wines and will have deviations from their normal menus, a chance for chefs to unleash their talents.

Restaurant Week is a big deal here in Puerto Vallarta and there are tourists who visit for the sole experience of dining out to enjoy as many selections as possible. It’s a good thing the calendar has been lengthened, since there are seven more restaurants joining in the fun than there were last year.

This year will be the most participants since the event began in 2005. The previous record was forty-five restaurants in 2012. Our only problem will be how to test out all 59! We are listing them here: Agrodolce, Ambrosia Grill, Archie’s Wok, Azafrán, Barcelona Tapas, Barrio Bistro by Memo Wulff, Boccon Di Vino, Café des Artistes, Coco Tropical, Daiquiri Dick’s, Da Simone, De Cántaro, Di Vino Dante, Eishan Oriental Cuisine, El Arrayán, Florios, Fusión Gourmet, Gaby’s Restaurant Bar, Gaviotas, Hacienda San Ángel, India Gate, Kaiser Maximilian, Katana Sushi & Bar, La Cappella, La Cigale French Bistro, La Leche, La Pancha, La Trattoria, Layla’s Restaurante, Mamá Sirena, Mark’s Bar & Grill, Matiz, Mérida Grill, Mikado, Nicksan, No Way José!, Oso’s Fish Market Restaurant, Pezlimon, Pizzeria La Dolce, Porto Bello, Restaurante Icú, River Café, Roberto’s Mexican Seafood, Sapori Di Sicilia, Seasons PV, Serrano’s Meat House, Sí Señor Beach, SushiPop, Taste Restaurant @ Casa Cupula, Teresa Bar & Bistro, The Blue Shrimp, The Iguana, The Swedes, Tintoque, Trio Mediterranean Cuisine, Tuna Blanca, Vallarta Factory, Vitea Oceanfront Bi stro and Warique Restaurante.

For more information, locations and prices in each menu category visit the website: www.restaurantweekpv.com.

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