House Hunters International: Puerto Vallarta Episode 4 Premiere Air Date Announced

The new House Hunters International episode featuring Puerto Vallarta and Timothy Real Estate Group will premiere this September 9, 2014 on HGTV USA. This will mark the fourth time the hugely popular and addictive TV show returns to the tropical Mexican resort town.


 Emptying The Nest In Puerto Vallarta

Episode HHINT-7004H

 After long and stressful careers in Portland, Oregon, the Espinosas are retiring in the Latin city they love, but the dream of living in Puerto Vallarta means two very different things to Jorge and Jeannette. For Jorge, the party is just getting started so he wants a low maintenance downtown condo. Jeannette wants a big house with room for their grown children to always feel welcome. But in Puerto Vallarta’s growing housing market, real estate agent Taniel Chemsian knows his divided clients have to come to a consensus before they get priced out. Find out if Jorge will get the downtown empty nest he wants or if family needs will cramp his style.

 Tune In:

* September 9, 2014 – 10:30 PM e/p

* September 9, 2014 – 1:30 AM e/p

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