Dia De La Marina, Puerto Vallarta

By TREGROUP · May 11, 2016

Navy Day

Some of our favorite holidays in Puerto Vallarta are the less mentioned and mostly attended by locals. Dia de Banderas is one of these, (Flag Day), celebrated in February and given special significance in our own Bay of Banderas. Another time to honor the bay we all love is Dia de la Marina (Navy Day), observed on June 1st, annually. Boats of all sizes are shined, scrubbed and launched into the water. All hands and any family members who love a day afloat will be waiting on shores, piers and docks for permission to come aboard.

Sailing competitions, tournaments, parades and fireworks are scheduled throughout the day, often ending with a formal (or less-than-formal) dance on land or aboard a large vessel. Navy Day in Puerto Vallarta honors the nation’s service of men and women in the present and past.

The first Navy Day was celebrated in Mexico in 1942 and Puerto Vallarta followed suit in 1949. Though development and construction of the Harbormaster Office began in 1935, it took some time for the Marine Secretariat to approve and process. In those days, progress could be slow when it involved government offices and delayed communications due to the distance of Puerto Vallarta from the Federal District. The location of the original Harbormaster Offices was next to what was then Aquiles Serdán Park, directly across the street from the Malecón and the ocean. It was also during this time the Malecón began its original construction, with palm trees planted for shade and walkways for promenades.

The Mexican Navy controls an enormous area, one of the largest coastlines in the world at 11,122 kilometers (6,910 miles), with a stated mission “to use the naval force of the federation for external defense, and to help with internal order.” It’s a tall order, utilizing nearly 200 ships and over 130 aircraft, with a consistency in maintaining modernity to achieve the utmost response. There is a huge amount of pride in the duties required and initiated in the ongoing war on drugs, not to mention the assistance in hurricane relief operations and unavoidable natural disasters. The Navy also is assigned to protect PEMEX’s oil wells in Campeche and in the Gulf of Mexico.

Our recommendation is to find an amigo with a panga, a yacht or a good viewing platform, mix a pitcher of margaritas and enjoy this wonderful day that commemorates tradition, loyalty, patriotism and a not just a little bit of fun!

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